Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Calculating the Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost

Calculating the Hard Drive Data Recovery Cost

Knowing the hard drive data recovery cost is usually the first thing that comes across your mind at the moment you realize that you need to recover the data from your damaged hard drive. It is always recommended to do the recovery with the help from expert technicians, unless you are confident with your own knowledge and skill. The hard drive data recovery prices will vary. Below is a brief explanation of typical hard drive recovery service cost you will have to pay in the end.

Typically, here are the costs you need to pay, making up the hard drive data recovery cost in total:

1. Cost to pay for the data recovery software applications.
The software applications are good choices for hard drives with corrupted or deleted files, but not for physical damage. The hard drive data recovery cost for the program is widely ranged, depending on your choice. It can be less than fifty dollars, but it can also be more than a hundred dollars. 

Meanwhile, if it’s a physical damage your hard drive suffers from, there are some recommended programs you can use. There are also vendors that will charge you based on your hard disk’s capacity.

2. Physical assessment.
Today, many hard drive data recovery services provide the assessment for free. However, there are also some that still charge fee for assessment to determine the disk failure problem(s) and what data that can still be recovered.

3. Cost to deliver or transport recovered data.
This is for you who cannot take the recovered data yourself by visiting the store, or if you choose to utilize services provided from an online data recovery service. 

4. Customer support.
In some cases, problems remain occur even if the recovered data has been delivered to you. If this happens, the costs related to customer support you get will be charged to the total data recovery cost as well.

5. Additional hard drive data recovery cost.
There are other costs that come as extras which will boost the total cost you need to pay when you receive your recovered hard drive. For example, there is evaluation cost. Expedited services can also add up to the hard drive data recovery cost in total since most vendors only expect a turnaround of 3 to 7 business days. Hence, rush service that will take up weekends will also cost you extra dollars to pay.